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Latest Episodes

Ep 272: Nathan Paterson - Sr Technology Advisor, Foratom
Aug 4, 2020
1) Nathan's career at Rolls-Royce
2) Foratom and its working groups focusing on up-to-date issues of nuclear in Europe
3) Supply chain issues and Research & Innovation in nuclear
4) The power of being a member in a nuclear society...
Ep 271: Rich Deakin - Director, Low Cost Nuclear Challenge, UKRI
July 28th, 2020
1) Rich looks back on how his education in metallurgy led him into operations management in nuclear fuel manufacturing
2) A look at how Rich brought success to some of nuclear fuel manufacturing’s biggest operations challenges in the UK
3) Why the UK is pursuing SMR technology and how manufacturing methods can impact the success of the industry
4) Rich explains how a combination of government and private investments decreased nationwide emissions...
Ep 270: Chris Colbert - Chief Strategy Officer, NuScale Power
July 21, 2020
1) Experiences in construction of fossil fuel plants and US-EPR project
2) The partnerships and new markets that NuScale is exploring
3) The position of NuScale and Light Water Technologies in the future nuclear industry
4) The optimization of manufacturing and future goals of NuScale...
Ep 269: Roger Howsley - Executive Director , World Institute for Nuclear Security
July 14, 2020
1) Roger tells Olu about his career from his start in health physics to becoming director of WINS.
2) Roger describes how he has witnessed the change of perception go from negative to positive and negative again during his career.
3) Roger describes the mission of WINS, security management and their relationship to the IAEA.
4)WINS is trying to normalize attitudes towards nuclear security by breaking down communication barriers and integrating wi...
Ep 268: David Otwoma - Chief Scientist, National Commission for Science Technology & Innovation
Jul 7, 2020
1) Kenya’s Radiation Protection Board and David Otwoma’s responsibilities as a radiation protection officer
2) A look into how David’s international travels as a safeguards inspector influenced his advisorship to Kenya’s national government
3) Kenya’s challenges in increasing electricity supply nationwide and how recent steps will ensure better access to electricity
4) David lays out the steps that need to be taken to retain talented young profes...
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