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Ep 285: Theo Nii Okai - Fmr Executive Director, Nuclear Power Ghana
Nov 23, 2020
1) Theo Nii Okai recaps his career with the Volta River Authority and describes how Ghana began its path energy diversification
2) How nuclear power will serve Ghana’s commitment to climate change and support regional economic development
3) Ghana’s progress through the IAEA milestones and what it means for the Sub-Saharan region of West Africa
4) How Africa is combating climate change for the good of the planet
Ep 284: Ed Lyman - Director, Nuclear Power Safety, Union of Concerned Scientists
Nov 16, 2020
1) Ed Lyman reflects on the path that led him from physics to energy policy and how the Union of Concerned Scientists got started
2) Ed discusses the cause and effect of the Fukushima accident and the long-term impacts on the industry
3) A look at the responsibilities of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the commercial nuclear power sector
4) Ed identifies some of the challenges of tracking radiation exposure and different tools available to ...
IFNEC Series: Diane Cameron (Canada)
Nov 9, 2020
1) Diane Cameron shares her initial thoughts about nuclear energy and why she changed her mind, committing her career to the technology
2) A review of Canada’s nuclear roadmap and how Diane helped it evolved into an action plan with a timeline
3) Why Canada values its relationships with communities and stakeholders and how it impacts decision-making across the nuclear sector
4) Diane highlights some of Canada’s timelines for establishing new nucl...
IFNEC Series: Vladimir Artisyuk (Russia)
Nov 2, 2020
1) Vladimir Artisyuk reflects on what it was like growing up in a Soviet Union town surrounded by nuclear technology and how it impacted his career choice
2) Vladimir shares his path to three PhD’s in the nuclear sector and his areas of study
3) How global experiences improve international relations and Russia’s mission to bring nuclear education to the world
4) Russia’s strategy to fight climate change through innovative energy technologies
IFNEC Series: Kamal Araj (Jordan)
Oct 26, 2020
1) How Kamal Araj became involved with the nuclear sector and his mission to bring the technology to his home country of Jordan
2) A look at Jordan’s current energy sources and the country’s first research reactor
3) Insight into which SMR’s Jordan is currently considering and how they measure up to current energy sources
4) Kamal’s perspective into why nuclear energy is a critical response to global climate change
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