In this episode, we discuss...

  • Atte's interest in history and his involvement in politics during University

  • Researching the socioeconomic impact of climate change

  • The history of the Finnish people and political institutions

  • The relationship between politics and climate policy

  • How approaches to solving problems and talking about politics have changed over time

  • The various political parties in Finland and their platforms

  • Working at the intersection of research and politics

  • The advantage of being able to communicate science to politicians and vise-versa

  • Perceptions of the nuclear industry in Finnish politics and society

  • How the idea of renewable energy is a problem

  • Why we are lacking incentives to act on climate change

  • What changing our priorities look like and a market-driven approach to climate change

  • The benefits and disadvantages of regulating the removal of fossil infrastructure completely

Atte Harjanne

Politician (Green Party), Helsinki

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