In this episode, we discuss...

  • Bret’s background in robotics and the rise of his first company, Airphrame

  • Bret’s interest in climate and energy and how he came to enter the nuclear industry

  • Dwight Eisenhower’s important role in setting the tone for nuclear energy

  • Titans of Nuclear and Bret’s mission to shape public perception surrounding nuclear technology

  • A behind the scenes look at Titans of Nuclear and the experts Bret interviews

  • How nuclear politics, economics, and perspectives vary around the world

  • The International Atomic Energy Agency and its role in guiding prospective nuclear countries

  • Nuclear’s incredible energy density and lack of emissions compared to other energy sources

  • Ways we can make nuclear more accessible and how Bret works to do that with Titans of Nuclear

  • The benefits of healthy competition in the nuclear world

  • The future of Titans of Nuclear and how Bret aims to help the nuclear industry through the podcast and other entrepreneurial avenues

Bret Kugelmass

Managing Director, Energy Impact Center / Host, Titans of Nuclear

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