episode zero

In the Titans of Nuclear Chernobyl podcast series, we'll sit down with experts in the field of nuclear energy to take a dive into the HBO miniseries "Chernobyl."


This is episode zero, featuring Titan Bret Kugelmass. Naomi and Michelle discuss with Bret how the Energy Impact Center and Titans of Nuclear podcast are responding to the recent release of HBO's miniseries "Chernobyl", a discussion on which Titans would be best to sit down with and analyze the show and some surprising behind the scenes thoughts on what Bret, Michelle and Naomi felt after watching "Chernobyl". 


Managing Director

Energy Impact Center

"Our organization's mission is to get better information out into the public sphere about nuclear energy and I guess I was just a little bit… I was nervous that this was just going to be more thing that we have to combat in terms of misinformation. I now have a different perspective on that." 

Stakeholder Relations

Energy Impact Center

Michelle Hindman

Media Operations 

Energy Impact Center

Naomi Senehi

Podcast Producer

Titans of Nuclear

Pete Stewart

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