Ep 01: Michael Shellenberger - President, Environmental Progress
Jan 8, 2018
1) Michael Shellenberger’s personal evolution from a solar to nuclear advocacy
2) Common misconceptions around fukushima including the media’s role
3) We touch on concepts such on technocentrism, human consciousness, even question energy inevitability,
4) And then we review which arguments are more or less influential in readjusting the public's position...
Ep 02: Per Peterson - Chief Nuclear Officer, Kairos Power
Jan 17, 2018
1) The true cost drivers in plant construction and operations
2) Civil nuclear energy from the perspective of non-proliferation
3) Public misunderstandings around nuclear waste
4) Opportunities to borrow learnings from the success of the revitalization of the private space industry...
Ep 03: Todd Allen - Professor, University of Wisconsin
Jan 24, 2018
1) The function of national lab system in prototyping reactors
2) Turning points in the history of commercial nuclear development
3) Todd's contribution towards shaping policy at Thirdway
4) The concept of prize based incentives and how they might apply to nuclear space...
Ep 04: Eric Loewen - Scientist, GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy
Jan 31, 2018
1) Eric’s personal path through various nuclear institutions, work on climate change with congress, and current efforts
2) GE’s role in America’s nuclear history
3) A deep dive into the PRISM project and technology behind fast reactors
4) The hormetic effect of radiation and the effects of low dose...
Ep 05: Rachel Slaybaugh - Program Director, ARPA-E
Feb 7, 2018
1) Rachel’s introduction to nuclear science and technical expertise
2) The genesis of the world’s first nuclear startup accelerator
3) The need to use computation thoughtfully to replace or supplement experiments
4) Her recent appointment as an Arpa-E program director...