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IFNEC Series: Kamal Araj (Jordan)
Oct 26, 2020
1) How Kamal Araj became involved with the nuclear sector and his mission to bring the technology to his home country of Jordan
2) A look at Jordan’s current energy sources and the country’s first research reactor
3) Insight into which SMR’s Jordan is currently considering and how they measure up to current energy sources
4) Kamal’s perspective into why nuclear energy is a critical response to global climate change
Ep 283: Roy Payne - Executive Director , GDFWatch
Oct 20, 2020
1) Roy Payne introduces the UK’s Radioactive Waste Management division and how he became head of stakeholder engagement
2) Why geological disposal of radioactive waste is a social and political issue, not a technical one
3) Roy’s perspective on how to create a partnership with a community and engage them in long-term decision making
4) How to shift the conversation about radioactive waste storage from short-term political decision-making to long...
Ep 282: Seth Kofi Debrah - Senior Research Scientific Officer, Ghana Atomic Energy Commission
Oct 13, 2020
1) Seth Kofi Debrah shares his path into the nuclear power sector and his role in established a nuclear development plan for Ghana
2) A look at how supply chain development for the nuclear sector impacts the electrification of the Sub-Saharan African region
3) How the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission is focusing on educating its young citizens and preparing for an industrialized future
4) An overview of the challenges and opportunities in Ghana as ...
Ep 281: Greg Cameron - Director, Communications & External Affairs, Palo Verde Generating Station
Oct 6, 2020
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Ep 280: J'Tia Hart - Program Lead, Argonne National Labaoratory
Sep 29, 2020

Ep 279: Lee Causey - President, North American Young Generation in Nuclear
Sep 22, 2020
1) Joining Duke Energy out of college and getting involved with NAYGN.
2) Becoming president of NAYGN and leading on advocacy for the nuclear industry.
3) Attracting a younger generation to the nuclear industry through innovation.
4) Providing relevant and accurate information to educate the public about nuclear energy....
Ep 278: John Lindberg - Public Affairs Manager, World Nuclear Association
Sep 15, 2020
1) John's career in nuclear spanning academia, industry, and politics.
2) Dedication to addressing radiophobia and the effects it has on the nuclear industry and social communities.
3) Developing communication strategies that get at the heart of key issues.
4) Reaching out to a broader audience and younger demographic about nuclear energy....
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