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A podcast featuring interviews with experts across technology, industry, economics, policy and more.


Ep 324: Callum Thomas - Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Thor Associates
July 21, 2021
1) How Callum Thomas identified the human resources need in the nuclear industry, leading to the startup of his organization, Thomas Thor
2) Challenges and opportunities in finding and recruiting skilled personnel into the global nuclear workforce
3) Ways Thomas Thor is advocating for the nuclear industry and encouraging people to do independent research and come to their own conclusions about the technology
4) Why diversity and inclusion is k...
Ep 323: Fiona Reilly - Managing Director, FiRE Energy
July 15, 2021
1) How Fiona Reilly’s nuclear career started as a commercial lawyer visiting a nuclear power plant during a refueling outage
2) The key to building future nuclear projects through a combination of risk sharing and profit sharing
3) How technology parks, medical isotopes, and fusion can play an important role in UK’s levelling up economic agenda
4) Considerations for financing energy projects and a breakdown of early project development costs...
Ep 322: Jason Crawford - Author, Roots of Progress
July 12, 2021
1) What led Jason Crawford to make the jump from Silicon Valley to a focus on the history of technology and philosophy of progress
2) How Jason got into writing and connected with some of his favorite economic historians through a viral post on the invention of the bicycle
3) The critical events that strangled nuclear energy progress in its early years and a look at the bottlenecks it faces today
4) A sneak peek of Jason’s book, Roots of Progre...
Ep 321: Lindsay Morton - Deputy Chief Senior Investigator, National Cancer Institute
July 7, 2021
1) Dr. Morton reflects on how she discovered the field of epidemiology and how it satisfied her love for math, biology, and research
2) How the National Cancer Institute contributes to global cancer research and a look at the projects they pursue internally
3) Why studying impacts of radiation on the human body is so complex and some of the testing methodologies and biometrics used
4) A review of past and ongoing cancer studies related to the ...
Ep 320: Stephen Chanock - Director, Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics, National Cancer Institute
June 30, 2021
1) Dr. Chanock's early career in medicine, dedicating his work to cancer research
2 )The National Cancer Institute's role within the National Institute of Health and why they decided to pursue studies on Chernobyl
3) A deep dive into the NCI's two most recent studies on Chernobyl, the largest of their kind
4) A look at the results of those studies and their larger applications for public health...
Ep 319: Andrzej Strupczewski - Chairman of Nuclear Safety Commission, National Center for Nuclear Research
June 28, 2021
1) Andrzej's early career leading the startup of Poland's Maria research reactor
2) His work at the IAEA and experiences traveling to plants around the world
3) Lessons learned about the safety of nuclear power plants from the Fukushima accident
4) Andrzej's belief's around changing the approach to the effects of small doses of radiation ...
Ep 318: Michel Berthélemy - Nuclear Energy Analyst, Nuclear Energy Agency (OECD)
June 23, 2021
1) Michel's early work as an economist with the CEA
2) Michel's shift into the policy space at the OECD-NEA
3) The economics of nuclear energy and how it differs from other energy sectors
4) Learning from past experiences in the development of new nuclear projects...
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