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Ep 301: Brett Rampal - Director of Nuclear Innovation, Clean Air Task Force
April 14, 2021
1) Brett’s first introduction to nuclear as a University of Florida undergraduate
2) Brett’s career transition from nuclear engineer to nuclear policy expert
3) The Clean Air Task Force’s role in supporting nuclear energy as a tool to decarbonize the energy grid
4) The future of nuclear energy and projects that Brett is excited to see become a reality...
Ep 300: Michelle Brechtelsbauer - Director of Stakeholder Relations, Energy Impact Center
April 12, 2021
1) Michelle's career spanning from engineering to public policy 
2) The Energy Impact Center's (EIC) work and partnering with the University of Michigan for the Nuclear Grand Prize Challenge 
3) An update on the Nuclear Grand Prize Challenge and other EIC projects 
4) Michelle's work on Open100 and her goals for the future of the project...
Ep 299: Björn Peters - Peters Coll.
April 7, 2021
1) Björn's career as an energy financier
2) Björn's introduction to nuclear energy, shifting from a critic to advocate
3) The German Energiewende policy and its impact on the country's energy makeup
4) Challenges nuclear energy faces in Germany and efforts to expand nuclear around the world ...
Ep 298: Alan Woods - Rolls Royce
April 5, 2021
1) Rolls Royce’s broad scope of work in aircrafts, defense, and power
2) Alan’s role in helping to develop Rolls Royce’s nuclear program
3) Rolls Royce’s plan to develop and SMR by 2029
4) The nuances and challenges of financing new nuclear projects ...
Ep. 297: Chris Keefer, Decoupled Podcast
Mar 29, 2021
1) Chris’ background growing up in Canada and becoming an activist  
2) Chris’ career as a doctor and the prevalence of nuclear medicine  
3) The linear-no-threshold hypothesis and commonly held misconceptions about nuclear 
4) Chris’ role as a nuclear advocate in Canada and his hopes for the future of the pro-nuclear movement...
Ep. 296: Rafael Grossi, International Atomic Energy Agency
Mar 24, 2021
1) Director General Grossi’s career as a diplomat and early introduction to nuclear
2) The IAEA’s work covering all facets of atomic energy
3) Global perceptions of nuclear energy and the IAEA’s role in shepherding newcomer countries through the process of acquiring nuclear energy
4) Director General Grossi’s vision for the future of nuclear and the role it will play in the clean energy transition ...
Ep. 295, COVID Miniseries: Ahmad Ameri - Clinical Oncologist, Imam Hossein Hospital
Mar 22, 2021
1) Dr. Ameri’s background as a radiation oncologist
2) Dr. Ameri’s initial introduction to low-dose radiation as a COVID-19 pneumonia treatment
3) The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in Iran
4) Dr. Ameri’s goals to expand this treatment and push forward further trials ...
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