In this episode, we discuss...


  • Corey’s background in nuclear engineering and personal journey from Los Alamos to Canada Nuclear Labs

  • The history of US nuclear including the Nuclear Renaissance and the Energy Policy Act of 2005

  • Corey’s contributions to nuclear startup NuScale Power

  • Challenges in nuclear across India and Asia including infrastructure, training, and corruption

  • Corey’s work for an electrical supplier of cabling and the safety systems involved

  • International issues with CFSI (Counterfeit Fraudulent Suspect Items) and their toll on public trust

  • Canada Nuclear Lab’s world class hot cells

  • The future of Canada Nuclear Lab and its work surrounding light water reactors and sustainability

  • A deep dive into fuel qualification

  • Canada’s new build market and the significant role it plays in the global industry

Corey McDaniel

VP, Research & Development, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

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