In this episode, we discuss...

  • David’s personal journey through the nuclear industry from executive vice president of NAC International to president of the US Nuclear Industry Council 

  • The history of energy in the US including the Advanced Reactor Program and why it went under 

  • Why closing the back end of the fuel cycle is important to worldwide trade in the nuclear sector

  • The origins of the US Nuclear Industry Council and its start as a backend focus group

  • A deep dive into Yucca Mountain’s past, present, and future

  • The Nuclear Industry Council’s two main focuses of advanced technology and supply chain and the significance of each

  • International competition in the nuclear industry and the US’s edge in human capital 

  • Financing challenges in the US and how we can overcome them 

  • David’s outlook on the US nuclear industry including potential non-light water reactor startups at the Department of Defense complex

David Blee

President, US Nuclear Industry Council

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