Michael Shellenberger N

President, Environmental Progress 

Michael Shellenberger
Eric Loewen Nuclear

Scientist, GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy

Eric Loewen
Hans Gougar Nuclear

Advanced Reactors, Idaho National Labs

Hans Gougar
Jessica Lovering Nuclear

Director of Energy, Breakthrough Institute

Jessica Lovering
Jon Kotek Nuclear

VP of Policy, Nuclear Energy Institute

John Kotek
Don Wolf Nuclear

CEO, Advanced Reactor Concepts

Don Wolf
Amy Roma Nuclear

Law Partner, Hogan Lovells

Amy Roma
Ed Mcginnis Nuclear

Assistant Secretary of Nuclear Energy, USA

Ed Mcginnis
Brady Hanson Nuclear

Used Fuel Expert, PNNL

Brady Hanson
Jose Reyes Nuclear

CTO, NuScale Power

Jose Reyes
Jon Hopkins Nuclear

CEO, NuScale Power

John Hopkins
Ken Canavan Nuclear

Chief Technology Officer, Westinghouse

Ken Canavan
Chris Grandy Nuclear

Experiment Facilities, Argonne National Labs

Chris Grandy
Tom Fanning Nuclear

Engineering Safety, Argonne National Labs

Tom Fanning
Laura Holgate Nuclear

Former Ambassador, IAEA

Laura Holgate
Toni Hemminki Chief Executive Officer Fennovoima

Chief Executive Officer, Fennovoima

Toni Hemminki
Rauli Partanen Author / Activist Climate Gamble

Author / Activist, Climate Gamble

Rauli Partanen
Troels Schonfeldt Chief Executive Officer Seaborg

CEO, Seaborg

Troels Schönfeldt
Geoffrey Rothwell Author / Economist Economics of Nuclear Power

Director, National Nuclear Laboratory (UK)

Fiona Rayment

Professor, Imperial College of London

Malcolm Grimston
Per Peterson Nuclear

Chief Nuclear Officer, Kairos Power

Per Peterson
Rachel Slaybaugh Nuclear

Program Director, ARPA-E​

Rachel Slaybaugh
George Griffith Nuclear

Small Modular Reactors, Idaho National Labs

George Griffith
Shannon Bragg-Sitton Nuclear

Hybrid Energy Lab, Idaho National Labs

Shannon Bragg-Sitton
Mark Peters Nuclear

Laboratory Director, Idaho National Labs

Mark Peters
Rita Baranwal Nuclear

Director, GAIN Program

Rita Baranwal
Jim Conca Nuclear

Writer, Forbes

Jim Conca
Steve Unwin Nuclear

Nuclear Sector Manager, PNNL

Steve Unwin
Ron Omberg Nuclear

Fast Rector Expert, PNNL

Ron Omberg
Spencer Weart Nuclear

Author, Rise of Nuclear Fear

Spencer Weart
Lenka Kollar Nuclear

Business Strategy Director, NuScale Power

Lenka Kollar
Tom Bergman Nuclear

VP Regulatory Affairs, NuScale Power

Tom Bergman
Hussein Khalil Nuclear

Nuclear Energy R&D, Argonne National Labs

Hussein Khalil
Paul Murphy Nuclear

Managing Director & Lawyer, Gowling WLG

Paul Murphy
Giovanni Porcellana Technology Transfer Specialist CERN

Technology Transfer Specialist, CERN

Giovanni Porcellana
Atte Harjanne Politician (Green Party) Helsinki

Politician (Green Party), Helsinki

Atte Harjanne
Wade Karlsen Director of Center for Safety VTT

Laboratory Manager, VTT 

Wade Karlsen
Geoffrey Rothwell Author / Economist Economics of Nuclear Power

Author, Economics of Nuclear Power

Geoffrey Rothwell
Geoffrey Rothwell Author / Economist Economics of Nuclear Power

Executive Director, French Nuclear Society

Valerie Faudon

Planning & Economic Studies, IAEA

David Shropshire
Todd Allen Nuclear

Professor, University of Michigan

Todd Allen
John Wagner Nuclear

Nuclear Sci & Tech, Idaho National Labs​

John Wagner
Emma Redfoot Nuclear

Graduate Fellow, Idaho National Labs

Emma Redfoot
Jeff Harper Nuclear

Vice President of Strategy, X-Energy

Jeff Harper
Richard Powell Nuclear

Executive Director, Clearpath

Richard Powell
Josh Freed Nuclear

VP of Clean Energy, Third Way

Josh Freed
Bill Stokes Nuclear

President, Columbia Basin Consulting

Bill Stokes
Tara O'Neil Nuclear

Environmental Assessor, PNNL

Tara O'Neil
Pete Lyons Nuclear

Former Commissioner, NRC

Pete Lyons
Tom Mundy Nuclear

Chief Commercial Officer, NuScale Power

Tom Mundy
Chad Painter Nuclear

Adviser, National Nuclear Security Admin

Chad Painter
John Stevens Nuclear

HEU Minimization, Argonne National Labs

John Stevens
Ken Luongo Nuclear

President, Partnership for Global Security

Ken Luongo
Steven Goldfarb Atlas Experiment (Large Hadron Collider) CERN

ATLAS, Large Hadron Collider, CERN

Steven Goldfarb
Michael Doser Antimatter Scientist CERN

Antimatter Scientist, CERN

Michael Doser
Ville Tulkki Senior Researcher  VTT

Senior Researcher, VTT

Ville Tulkki
Mathijs Beckers

Author, Climate Zero Hour

Mathijs Beckers
Luc Van Den Durpel Managing Director Nuclear-21

Managing Director, Nuclear-21

Luc Van Den Durpel
Geoffrey Rothwell Author / Economist Economics of Nuclear Power

Director General, ITER

Bernard Bigot

Nuclear Infrastructure Development, IAEA

Milko Kovachev

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