In this episode, we discuss...

  • Gene’s background in nuclear engineering and personal journey in the nuclear industry 

  • the history of nuclear in the US including the aftermath of the Three Mile Island accident 

  • Plant designs including Westinghouse’s AP1000 and GE’s ESBWR 

  • The importance of documenting assumptions and managing margins when it comes to nuclear design and performance 

  • The role of redundancy in safety function 

  • Economic challenges that impeded the nuclear renaissance 

  • The environmental benefits of nuclear including lack of pollutants such as SO2 and nitrous oxide 

  • Why the market doesn’t yet recognize those benefits and how today’s oversupply of gas slows down the push for nuclear energy 

  • Challenges we must overcome to reach a worldwide consensus on the necessity of nuclear

Gene Grecheck

Former Senior Vice President, Dominion Energy

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