In this episode we discuss...

  • John’s entrance into the field and early experience at Oak Ridge National Labs

  • His expertise on developing new methods of understanding how radiation moves through matter

  • He talks us through the basics of spent fuel management and a briefer on the status of Yucca Mountain.

  • And in the second half we talk through the some of the facilities at INL

  • John gives us an overview of the five different divisions that fall under the Nuclear Science Directorate including: “Domestic Programs”, “Nuclear Fuels and Materials” “Fuel Cycle Technologies” “Nuclear Systems and Analysis” and “Regulatory Safety” divisions

  • What role the INL plays in advising the NRC

  • The three buckets of Advanced Reactor Design and INL’s history in facilitating R&D

  • He talks us through the concept of transients and how INL tests them

  • We touch upon a topic that’s very important to me, Energy Abundance

  • A glimpse into some of the future work INL and John’s perspective into the promise of Nuclear Energy 

Associate Laboratory Director,
Nuclear Science and Technology Directorate, Idaho National Labs

John Wagner

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