In this episode, we discuss...


  • Kathryn’s background in nuclear engineering and personal journey in the nuclear industry

  • The evolution of fusion and a deep dive into liquid metal magnetohydrodynamics

  • Kathryn’s work with liquid metal magnetohydrodynamics in the Soviet Union

  • A deep dive into volatilization

  • The Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative aka The Fuel Cycle R&D Program and Kathryn’s work optimizing the backend of the fuel cycle

  • Low-level waste repositories and the political challenges surrounding new repository sites

  • Canada Nuclear Lab’s mission to promote SMR’s (small modular reactors)

  • How a healthy dynamic between national laboratories and the industry can spur implementation

  • Canada Nuclear Lab’s work in the hydrogen space

  • Canada versus US regulation timelines and alternative paths to expedite licensing

  • Canada Nuclear Lab’s research surrounding radiation and targeted alpha therapy and their potential impact on the industry at large

Kathryn McCarthy

VP, Research & Development, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

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