Kirsty Gogan

In this episode, we discuss...

  • Kirsty’s interest in the environment and how it led her into the nuclear industry 

  • A breakdown of climate change’s various current and potential consequences 

  • The science of persuasion in educating the general public on climate change 

  • Sir David MacKay’s book Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air and how it shaped Kirsty’s view of nuclear 

  • Why renewables aren’t good enough alone as a sustainable energy option 

  • Kirsty’s communication strategies to help increase public discourse on nuclear among the public and especially among environmentalists 

  • The UK’s communications response to Fukushima and the lessons learned about nuclear safety protocols 

  • Kirsty’s work at Energy for Humanity to help make nuclear more cost effective, scalable, and viable as a sustainable energy source

Environmental Activist, Energy for Humanity

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