In this episode, we discuss...


  • Metin’s background in mechanical engineering and personal journey in the nuclear industry

  • A deep dive into CANDU (Canada Deuterium Uranium) reactors

  • The inner mechanisms that cause steam reactor tubes to fail and how we’ve overcome this issue

  • Metin’s work in thermal performance and degradation studies

  • The neutronics and safety systems in PWRs and BDWs versus those in light water reactors

  • A breakdown of supercritical water

  • How technologies and designs within supercritical coal plants could be recycled to create supercritical nuclear plants

  • Lessons learned from light and heavy water reactors and how Canada Nuclear Labs is applying those lessons to new technologies

  • The Pan-Canadian SMR Initiative and its mission to facilitate global implementation

Metin Yetisir

Concept and Technology Development, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

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