In this episode, we discuss...

  • Michael's interest in particle physics and his work as a high energy physicist 

  • The difference between antimatter and antiprotons

  • Annihilation and why the occurrence of antimatter collisions are more common than you think 

  • Constituents of a normal matter atom

  • Measuring the gravitational effect between matter and antimatter

  • The Grand Unification Theory and understanding gravity

  • Why understanding high energy physics is crucial to diagnosing and treating cancer and tumors

  • How high energy physics has led to the commercialization of technology

  • The catch of using gamma therapy to treat tumors and what must be done instead

  • Using accelerators to drive the production of thermal neutrons

  • Ripping electrons off of normal atoms and how targeted annihilation can kill surrounding cells

  • Cost-drivers of the current system 

  • Neutrinos and the DUNE Experiment 

Michael Doser

Antimatter Scientist, CERN

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