Rauli Partanen

In this episode, we discuss...

  • Rauli's blog about oil's unique properties and his interest in the nuclear field

  • The concept of Peak Oil and why a dependence on oil is a problem 

  • Writing "The Climate Gamble" and the three arguments incorporated into the book

  • How the distribution of literature about nuclear can clear misconceptions held by others

  • Problems in messaging from the nuclear industry over the last 40 years

  • The importance of not talking about nuclear safety culture 

  • Communication theory as it relates to nuclear industry

  • Rauli's research on the applications of nuclear energy and high temperature reactors

  • Public and political discourse about nuclear energy

  • Combining heat and power and its effect on energy production

  • The negative consequences of banning coal and the importance of coming up with alternatives

  • Where to go to learn more about nuclear 

Author / Activist, Climate Gamble

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