In this episode, we discuss...

  • Richard’s background in physics  and his personal journey in the nuclear industry 

  • Richard’s work at Los Alamos creating codes to calculate ways in which neutrons interact with devices including nuclear and fusion reactors 

  • Different groups in which neutrons are categorized depending on energy range and cross section 

  • A deep dive into the Fast Breeder Reactor Program sponsored by the Department of Energy Richard’s work in departments at the NRC including the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation 

  • The highly precise processes within frontline safety systems 

  • How the NRC interacts with developers to bring forth new technologies including the AP600 

  • Risk informed nuclear oversight and the probabilities it takes into consideration 

  • Accident circumstance design deficiencies the NRC has worked to resolve throughout its history 

  • Richard’s recent work with AdSTM providing consulting and training to regulatory bodies including the NRC

Richard Barrett

Former Senior Executive, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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