In this episode, we discuss...

  • Ron’s background growing up in Israel and entering the nuclear field via the desire to study medicine

  • Ron’s work as Director of Business Development of nuclear technologies and materials at General Atomics

  • Demonstration of desalination process at nuclear power plants

  • Different techniques for desalination

  • Armenian nuclear history and safety concerns

  • Role of technical advisors and detailees to the U.S. Congress and government agencies

  • Nuclear waste management and disposal

  • vSMRs (or microreactors) and other niche nuclear products and solutions

  • The use of silicone carbide for cladding

  • A deep dive into the EM2 project

  • Innovation projects within General Atomics

  • General Atomics’ contributions as a government defense contractor

Ron Faibish

Director of Business Development, General Atomic

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