Ville Tulkki

In this episode, we discuss...

  • Ville's previous misperceptions about nuclear energy and how he overcame them 

  • Generation 4 and how the new reactors can be more economic, more versatile, and safer

  • The Super Critical Water Reactor and the neutronics behind it

  • Fuel Behavior Analysis and what exactly it entails

  • The Halden Reactor in Norway 

  • Modeling responses to pressure differentials

  • The potential applications of Small Module Reactors

  • Why the amount of electricity SMRs can bring to the grid are more flexible than the current fleet

  • A comparison of the load-following capabilities of SMRs and larger power plants 

  • Ice-breaker reactors on their ships

  • The different industries that can use nuclear heat 

  • Why it is necessary for the nuclear industry to advocate for the use of nuclear energy 

Senior Researcher, VTT

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